Our family relationships can shape who we are.

And who we are in our family can influence who we are in our community. The importance of family services is to shape and assist these healthy family relationships, which in turn can lead to a greater, stronger community. 

Our family services program focuses on the theory and research on family relationships and human development, with an applied focus in order to help prepare students for work in the human services field or to attend graduate school.

First in
the State

Designated and approved Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) program by the National Council on Family Relations.

Make a

Minor prepares students for careers focused on helping people build better lives.


Flexible career options and opportunities to layer in complementary majors, minors and certificates.

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Undergraduate Majors RFI Form

Required Coursework

Family Studies:

FAM SERV 1020 Family Relationships 3
FAM SERV 1055 Human Growth and Development 3
or PSYCH 2202 Developmental Psychology
FAM SERV 1057 Human Relationships and Sexuality 3
FAM SERV 1030 Research Methods in Family Science 3

  • Or 3 hours of social science research methods such as:
  • PSYCH 3002 Research Methods
  • SW 3185 Social Work Research
  • COMM COR 2020 Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 4021/5021 Quantitative Research Methods
  • or SOC 2010 Research Methods


PSYCH 1001 Introduction to Psychology 3

Select three electives from the following: 9

FAM SERV 1010 Human Identity and Relationships
FAM SERV 2054 Interpersonal Relationship Dynamics
FAM SERV 2077 Management of Family Resources
FAM SERV 2111 Families and End of Life Issues
or GERO 2111 Families and End of Life Issues
FAM SERV 3145/5145 Violence in Intimate Relationships
FAM SERV 3150/5150 Families and Aging
FAM SERV 3155/5155 Parenting
FAM SERV 3160/5160 Family Assessment and Intervention
FAM SERV/GERO 3161 Families, Alzheimer's and Related Dementias
FAM SERV 3162/5162 Issues in Family Policy
FAM SERV 3176/5176 Consumer Behavior Across the Lifespan
FAM SERV 4157/5157 Human Sexuality Education
FAM SERV 4184/5184 Topics in Family Services
FAM SERV 4198 Independent Study in Family Services

Total Hours 24