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Interior Design

Interior Design Major


A major in Interior Design prepares students to be creative problem-solvers. The coursework provides systematic and coordinated approaches to the design process, resulting in appropriate interior environments in the private and public sector. Students take classes in areas like:

  • Design Theory
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Basic and Creative Arts
  • Interior Design
  • Health Codes and Safety Issues
  • Communication Skills
  • History
  • Business
Professional Development

Some of the most interesting aspects of this major are the studio classes, allowing students hands-on experience creating projects for diverse populations, special purposes and environmental concerns. Students work with the latest technology and computer applications, and have the chance to participate in study trips in addition to the supervised internship required of all School of Applied Human Sciences majors.


First Year
No specialized courses or skills are required. Students follow a Liberal Arts Core introduction to their university education. Courses in Math, Science, Humanities, and Design Foundations are taken. The first course on the Fundamentals of Design can be taken this year.

Second Year
General introduction to all aspects of design with courses taken in Drafting (architectural and presentation media), Graphic Design, and History of Interiors (antiquity to the 20th century). Students can begin taking the 12 hours required in Business, while continuing with their Liberal Arts Core requirements.

Third Year
Specific education in residential design including in-depth personal and professional development in the knowledge, skills, and to create and communicate the solutions which best serve the individual(s) and families involved in their home. Advanced projects are carried out through research, space analysis, design, and presentation. Presentations include floor plans, elevations, perspectives, materials, specifications, and general knowledge of structure (sections and details). Projects are presented in both black and white and color medias. Types of projects may include designing for different abilities, older adults, energy conservation, rehabilitation, etc. Students continue to complete Liberal Arts Core requirements.

Fourth Year
Students at this level concentrate in commercial design with an opportunity to select a special problem course in which they will research, analyze, design, and present a major problem of their own direction. This year allows students to concentrate their development in one particular area. Types of projects include designing corporate offices, banks, specialty shops, etc. Following the completion of all course work, all students complete an internship in a design related field.

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