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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Long Term Care Administration Internship

The long term care administration internship may be the most important part of the Gerontology: LTC Administration major at UNI.

Students are encouraged to plan ahead for their internships. Having experience working or volunteering at a nursing home may help students to obtain an administrative internship. Students can complete internship hours in the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

The long term care administration track requires a 720 hours internship (9 credit hours) to be completed at a long term care facility. 80 hours will be completed in 9 areas of long term care.

You must complete 80 DOCUMENTED hours in each of the following 9 areas (in any order):

  1. nursing
  2. administration organization
  3. business administration
  4. legal aspects & govt.
  5. activities
  6. human resource
  7. environmental services
  8. dietary
  9. social services

Internship seminar (GERO 4193) is to be taken along with the internship (GERO 4195). Students must have adviser permission to register for the internship and internship seminar. While some students may prefer to complete the internship hours in one semester, other students chose to complete their internship over more than one semester.

Note: Internship seminar (GERO 4193) is taken for one credit hour. It is not a course that meets but rather an extensive self-guided study for the boards. 

Students are responsible for arranging their own internships but should discuss possible placements with their adviser early in the semester before the internship. Previous internship sites have included the following:

  • Western Home, Cedar Falls
  • Ravenwood Nursing and Rehab, Waterloo
  • New Aldaya, Cedar Falls
  • Friendship Village, Waterloo
  • New Hampton Nursing and Rehab, New Hampton
  • Scottish Rite Park, Des Moines
  • Westhaven Community, Boone
  • WIndsor Nursing and Rehab, Cedar Falls

Long term care administration internships must be completed within the state of Iowa, but do not need to be competed in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.

Students should complete the Long Term Care Administration course (GERO 4170) at UNI either before or during their internship. This course is typically offered at night to accommodate students who are interning during the day.

Students must complete an internship in order to qualify for the State of Iowa Examination for Nursing Home Administrators.

What You Need to Know About Finding an Internship:

  • In order to be eligible to be a nursing home administrator in the state of Iowa, you must complete your entire intership in Iowa. However, it does not need to be completed in Cedar Falls. Many students do their internships in Cedar Falls or Waterloo because they are taking coursework on campus while interning.
  • You must do your internship at a facility that has more than 25 beds.
  • Your internship must be completed under a nursing home administrator who is in good standing and has been continuously licensed for at least two years.
  • The administrator at the facility you intern at CANNOT be a family member.
  • Effective in 2005, you may be compensated for your internship hours. However, most internships in LTC administration are unpaid.
  • You are strongly encouraged to have a polished cover letter and resume to present to potential internship sites. The Office of Career Services can assist you in editing your cover letter and resume.

More Internship Information:

  • The work you do during your internship will help you to prepare for the licensure exam.
  • Because of the importance of the internship, you will want to choose your site wisely. Make sure you will be working with individuals who are invested in helping you to succeed.
  • The information you need to pass the licensure exam is presented in LTC Administration course at UNI, in the study guide materials for internship seminar, and the resources recommended by the NAB website ( The test is not easy, and passing it will require initiative and lots of studying.
  • Please begin planning your internship the semester before you will start.
  • Obtaining and completing your internship will require a lot of self-motivation and leadership. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way.
  • When you decide where you would like to intern, approach obtaining the internship as you would a job.
    • Put together a resume and cover letter (I recommend consulting UNI Career Services!).
    • They may want to interview you—dress and act professionally.
  • Once you find a placement, you will fill out a placement agreement, which can be found here.
  • Carefully document your hours. Because you need to complete the internship to sit for the exam, it is important that there is proof of your completion on file. These time sheets must be signed by you and your supervisor(s). You can find time sheets here. You will not receive a grade for your internship until all of your time sheets are filled out and signed.
  • Always notify your nursing home supervisor of any absences as far in advance as possible.
  • Keep in mind during your internship that you are representing yourself and UNI!
  • Adhere to nursing home policies and procedures.
  • If you have concerns about how you are treated during your internship, please contact your supervisor at UNI immediately.

Q: What do I need to turn in to my UNI internship supervisor?

 A: Once you have found a placement, you will fill out and turn in your placement agreement. You will need to turn in a timesheet (signed by either the administrator or department head) and evaluation for each of the 9 areas. (These are available for download below.) These will be submitted on the e-learning system. 

Q: Where can I find placement agreements, time sheets, evaluation forms, and more resources for my internship?

Click here to print placement agreements, time sheets, and evaluation forms. You are responsible for making copies as needed. Make sure you have signatures on these forms before you submit them. You cannot receive credit for your internship hours until these are submitted. 


Click here for more information about licensure.


For more information, feel free to email:
Dr. Elaine M. Eshbaugh
217 Latham Hall
Cedar Falls IA, 50614-0332
Phone: (319) 273-6083