College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Wm. Michael Fleming

  • School of Applied Human Sciences, Family Services

    Faculty - Associate Professor of Family Studies


    Family Studies


    Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Research Interests

    The etiology of male coercive behaviors and attitudes; Fathering and non-residential father-child relationships/father adolescent relationships; Divorce and predictors of post divorce adjustment; Risk and protective factors in adolescent development and adjustment; Differential effects of parental behavioral and psychological control on child adjustment; Childhood victimization, trauma and subsequent adolescent and young adult adjustment

    Selected Publications

    Lynch, A., & Fleming, W.M. (2005). Bystander Approach: Empowering Students to Model Ethical Sexual Behavior. Journal of Family & Consumer Science.

    Rodgers, K., & Fleming, W.M. (2004). Native American adolescent alcohol use: An examination of individual, family and community factors. Journal of Adolescent and Family Health., 3, 140-147.

    Fleming, W.M., Jory, B., & Burton, D. (2002). Family characteristics, victimization histories and perpetration offenses of juvenile offenders who admit to beastiality. Society & Animals. 10, 31-46.

    Savas, S., Fleming, W.M., & Bolig, E. (1998). Program specification: A precursor to program monitoring and quality improvement. A case study from Boysville of Michigan. Journal of Behavioral Health Services &
    Research, 25, 208-216.

    McCubbin, H.I., Fleming, W.M., Thompson, A., Elver, K., &Savas, S. (1995). Resiliency and coping in At Risk African American youth and their families. In H.I. McCubbin, E. Thompson, A. Thompson, & J. Futrell (Eds.), Resiliency in Ethnic Minority Families Vol II: African American Families. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.