College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School Counseling Program Check List

____ Fill out Application for Graduate Study (.pdf file). [Be sure to send in your $50.00 application fee if you did not receive your undergraduate degree from UNI.]

____ Fill out Intent to Apply Form in this packet and send to Departmental office immediately.

____ Submit the two above-mentioned forms and written statements to the Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Postsecondary Education. Careful adherence to deadlines is imperative. Call the office at (319) 273-2605 before the application deadline to make sure your admission file is complete. Late applications will not be reviewed.

___ Attend a pre-admission orientation. You will be informed about the date for this meeting on or before the applicaiton deadline.

____ Students will be informed in writing of decision regarding provisional admission to coursework (Level 1) 4-5 weeks after the application deadline. (It takes this long for all professors to review all materials for each applicant.)

____ If you are admitted, you will be assigned to an advisor. Contact this individual [by phone, e-mail, or in person] now (and each subsequent semester) to plan course schedules, discuss program requirements, and complete the Application for Program Approval (GF1) form [must be submitted through WebCT] which will either be mailed to you or instructions will be given to you for the submission on WebCT. The filing of the GF1 does not change your status as a provisional student until after you have successfully completed second level screening. (You may also want to sign up for practicum and internship since enrollment per section is limited to 5 students and the number of sections per semester is limited.)

____ Obtain and read the Student Informational Packet II [available from the Departmental office or your advisor or on the web site at].

____ Carefully read and comply with the information in the program information packets (I, II), the comprehensive examination and research paper packet, the practicum/internship packet, and the university catalog.

____ After 9 hours of coursework, submit materials for Level Two (Program Approval [Degree] status). Instructions in Information packet I.

____ After being admitted, any course substitution requires a Student Request form. [Form must be submitted through WebCT].

____ Practicum/Internship. After conferring with your advisor about your program of study and determining when you are eligible to take practicum and internship, PICK UP AN INFORMATIONAL PACKET from the Departmental office (either prior to or after Level II Program Approval). This packet contains specific information on requirements. You should also sign up with Dr. Vernon to hold a spot in practicum and internship. Early sign-up is imperative; enrollment and sections are limited. In the event that a section is full for the semester you wish to sign up for, you will be put on a wait list for that semester and if we can offer two sections, you will be in for that semester. Otherwise, you will be put on the list for the following term.

____ If you receive a "C" in Counseling Skills you must retake it before taking Counseling Children and Adolescents. A minimum grade "B" is expected in Counseling Skills and Counseling Children and Adolescents. If you receive a "C" in Counseling Children and Adolescents, you must retake the course before taking Practicum.

____ Obtain Professional Liability Insurance prior to Level II courses. This is required. Refer to the information about ACA Professional Liability Insurance in packet II and consult your advisor.

____ Research paper, project, or thesis. PICK UP PACKET OF GUIDELINES from Departmental office before meeting with advisor for topic approval. Check with your advisor or the departmental office for deadlines which must be followed. Deadlines are also posted on the bulletin boards in the Schindler Education Center and by the Counseling Resource Room. This process starts two semesters prior to graduation.Generally students do a research paper unless they plan to pursue a doctoral degree, in which case they may want to do a thesis.

____ Comprehensive Exam. PICK UP PACKET FROM DEPARTMENTAL OFFICE or our web site (semester prior to anticipated graduation).

____ MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL OF YOUR EXIT REQUIREMENTS WHICH ARE EXPLAINED IN THIS PACKET: personal counseling, a diversity experience, participation in a group, attendance at a professional development workshop or conference, attendance at a Student Growth Retreat, and completion of a child abuse reporting seminar. Verification sheets are included in Packet I, II, and in the Comprehensive Exam Packet.

____ Fill out Application to Graduate [this form must be submitted through WebCT] and the Exit Requirement Verification forms (included in Comprehensive Examination packet) and submit to the departmental office by the end of the 2nd week of Fall or Spring semesters. If you are planning to graduate Summer session, please submit your application on Spring deadline date (indicating on the form "Summer" graduation). If you do not graduate the semester you applied, you must reapply for the next semester. There now is a university fee for each time you apply to graduate.

_____ Obtain an application form from the Departmental office for state counseling licensure, which is the endorsement to practice as a school counselor. This is not to be confused with being licensed as a mental health counselor. Return the completed form(s) and check made payable to the Board of Educational Examiners. The office will send in the materials for you. Please note: if you have a teaching degree and did not receive it at UNI, be sure to send in the transcript from the other university along with the materials you submit to verify teaching certification.