College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School Counseling


***Reminder: School Counseling applicants do not need a teaching/education degree to apply to the program.
All undergraduate degrees are eligible to apply.*** 


Program Overview

The UNI School Counseling program has an outstanding reputation and received the NCACES Innovative Counselor Education Master's Degree Program Award in 1999. Our program is based on long-standing tradition and is delivered by highly energetic faculty who are extensively involved in research, practice, and professional service at the local, state, regional, and national levels. Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to implement a comprehensive, sequential, developmental program as described in the National Standards for School Counseling Programs. A teaching certificate and teaching experience are not required, but non-teaching majors must take 2 additional hours of coursework to meet state department requirements (see program planning sheet for non-teaching majors).

The UNI School Counseling Program:

  • Prepares graduates for K-12 certification
  • Includes courses specific to working with children, adolescents, and parents
  • Emphasizes practical applications of concepts in all coursework
  • Includes school-based practicum (150 hours) and internship (600 hours) with weekly individual supervision and group seminars by UNI faculty

UNI's counseling faculty expect that graduates of this program will:

  • Be highly competent MA school counselors.
  • Advocate for quality counseling services for all students.
  • Have a strong knowledge base as well as clinical skills.
  • Be sensitive to and knowledgeable about diversity.
  • Become accepted as credible school counseling professionals.
  • Promote counselor accountability with the public and the profession.
  • Be psychologically healthy persons who use high levels of self-awareness in their work.
  • Adhere to the ethical standards of the profession.



School Counseling Courses

School Counseling (K-12)

Master of Arts Degree

Year 1 Fall Courses
COUN 5103 Professional Orientation and Ethics in Counseling
COUN 5105 Counseling Skills
COUN 6104 Counseling Theories
Year 1 Spring  
COUN 6220 Group Counseling Skills and Processes
COUN 6262 Intervention & Prevention in Lifespan Development
COUN 6206 Developing Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
Year 1 Summer
COUN 6228 Assessment
COUN 6304 Crisis and Trauma Intervention and Management
Year 2 Fall  
COUN 6254 Counseling Children and Adolescents
COUN 6225 Facilitating Career Development
COUN 6406 Foundations of School Counseling
Year 2 Spring  
COUN 6503 Wellness, Self-Care, and Brain-Based Strategies
COUN 6290 Practicum in School Counseling
COUN 6506 Counseling Issues with Family & Parents in School
Year 2 Summer  
COUN 6256 Multicultural Counseling
COUN 6606 Current Issues in School Counseling
Year 3 Fall  
COUN 6291 Internship in School Counseling
MEASRES 6205 Educational Research
Year 3 Spring  
COUN 6291 Internship in School Counseling
COUN 6805 Leadership, Consultation, and Collaboration in the School
**Students who do not have teacher licensure must take SPED 3150 to meet Board of Educational Examiners requirements for licensure.

Old Course Rotation for Current Second and Third Year Students

1st Semester Courses Hours Course
COUN 5103 3

Introduction to Professional Counseling

COUN 5105 3

Counseling Skills

COUN 6227 3

Counseling Theory (COUN 4103/5103 and/or COUN 4105/5105)

Advancement Courses    
COUN 6220 3

Group Counseling Skills and Processes (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105)

COUN 6254 3 Counseling Children and Adolescents (COUN 4105/5105, COUN 6227 [highly recommended])
COUN 6225 3

Facilitating Career Development (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105)

COUN 6250 3 Family Counseling (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105, COUN 6227 [highly recommended])
COUN 6262 3 Intervention and Prevention with Children, Adolescents, and Parents (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105)
COUN 6226 3 Ethics, Supervision, Crisis & Consultation (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105, COUN 6205, or COUN 6254)
COUN 6290 3 Practicum (10 hrs/week) (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105, COUN 6220, COUN 6227, COUN 6241, COUN 6250, [highly recommended], COUN 6254 [B or higher], COUN 6262 [highly recommended]
COUN 6256 3 Multicultural Counseling (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105, COUN 6227)
EDPSYCH 6214 3 Foundations of Instructional Psychology 
COUN 6228 3 Assessment Techniques in Counseling (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105, COUN 6227)
MEASRES 6205 3 Educational Research
COUN 6210 3 Developing Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (COUN 4103/5103, COUN 4105/5105)
COUN 6291 6 Internship (40 hours/week, 1 semester) (COUN 6262, COUN 6290; registration requires consent of Instructor. Must sign up with Area Coordinator.) [Credit/No Credit]
Total 51 Hours  

**Students who do not have teacher licensure must take SPED 3150 to meet Board of Educational Examiners requirements for licensure.