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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Resource Room and G.A. Services

Counseling Resource Room: 273-2880

Schindler Education Center 136 (1st floor)

Contact a Graduate Assistant for access.

Clinical Area:
Six rooms which are used for taping and group counseling purposes.

The Resource Room has the following resource materials:
Subject Resources
Counseling Games for Children
Mental Health Internship Placement Site Information
Contact Information for Resource Persons
Program Information Packets
Various Other Program-Related Materials
Taping equipment (TV’s & VCR’s)
The Counseling Resource Room is a great place to study, to find information, and to consult other graduate students.

Graduate Assistants:
The counseling department employs graduate assistants to work for professors and to assist other graduate students. If you have any questions please ask the G.A.s because they are very knowledgeable and helpful.