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How to Apply to the UNI Counseling Program

Admission: Clinical Mental Health & School Counseling

1st Semester Requirements for Advancement

Graduate College

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Admission to the UNI Counseling Program is competitive. All faculty members carefully review each candidate's academic records, personal and goal statements, and work or volunteer experience in the counseling or human services field. Based on a numerial rating scale, the counseling faculty select the most qualified candidates based on how many part-time and full-time students we can accommodate.

Prospective students wishing to take courses prior to admission may take only the following courses:

  • COUN 4103/5103 Introduction to Professional Counseling
  • COUN 4105/5105 Counseling Skills
  • COUN 6227 Counseling Theory (OR another course, as approved by your advisor)

*If all of these classes are closed, please contact Dr. Darcie Davis-Gage for appropriate substitutions.

* Please note that no more than 6 hours of coursework taken prior to admission can be counted towards your program of study. If you are taking this class while in undergrad, you cannot count the credits towards both undergrad and graduate school. You can substitute an elective while in the program to make up for those credits. Completion of any of these courses does not guarantee admission to the program.

Application Deadlines:

     Clinical Mental Health
     Fall Admission Only: February 8, 2018

     School Counseling
     Fall Admission Only: February 8, 2018