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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Counseling Program Check List

Program Checklist:

____ Submit the following documents to:  Office of Admissions-Grad Admissions, 002 Gilchrist Hall, Cedar Falls IA 50614-0018, or via email

_____1) Application for Graduate Admission-Be sure to attach a $50.00 check to the application (not necessary for applicants who earned a bachelor's degree from UNI).

          _____2) Intent to Apply for Graduate Study in School/Mental Health Counseling-Please send in Immediately.

          _____3) Official Transcript of all previous graduate and undergraduate credit.

_____4) Three letters of recommendation (.pdf-can be filled out online and then printed out) from professionals who are familiar with your work or volunteer experience.  You cannot use personal friends or relatives.

          _____5) Personal narrative

          _____6) Resume

_____7) Writing Sample (e.g. course project, honors thesis)- Your writing sample should be written in some form of a writing style (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago).  This paper should be a formal document such as a research paper, literature review or something closely resembling these documents.  This paper should be typed.

____ Students will be informed in writing of decision regarding admission to coursework 4-5 weeks after the application deadline. (It takes this long for all professors to review all materials for each applicant.)

____ If you are admitted, you will be assigned to an advisor. Contact this individual [by phone, e-mail, or in person] now (and each subsequent semester) to plan course schedules, and discuss program requirements.

____ Carefully read and comply with the information in the program information handbook and the university catalog.

____ After 9 hours of coursework, submit forms for 1st Semester Requirements for Advancement. Instructions in handbook.

____ After being admitted, any course substitution requires a Student Request form. [Form must be submitted through MyUNIverse].

____ Practicum/Internship. After conferring with your advisor about your program of study and determining when you are eligible to take practicum and internship, make sure to refer to the Handbook for your program area and to your program worksheet as you progress through you graduate experience. This handbook contains specific information on requirements. It is important to follow course rotation; practicum and internships have a limited number of places. If you move out of your rotation a spot may not be available when you want one. You may have to wait for an opening.

____ Obtain Professional Liability Insurance prior to advancement courses. This is required. Refer to the information about ACA Professional Liability Insurance in the handbook and consult your advisor. Master of Arts in Counseling Program Handbook, pg 30.

____ Research paper, project, or thesis. Refer to the HANDBOOK OF GUIDELINES before meeting with advisor for topic approval. Check with your advisor and watch for notices from faculty via email for deadlines which must be followed. Deadlines will be posted and clearly communicated, usually via email.  Generally students do a research paper in connection with a class, unless they plan to pursue a doctoral degree, in which case they may want to consider a thesis. This is not as critical as in years past. Many people pursue doctoral studies and do not complete a thesis.

____ Comprehensive Exam. CPCE (taken in the semester that you graduate, offer fall and spring semesters).

____ MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL OF YOUR EXIT REQUIREMENTS: personal counseling, a diversity experience, participation in a group, attendance at a professional development workshop or conference, service or advocacy requirement, program orientation, and completion of a child abuse reporting seminar.

____ Fill out Application to Graduate [this form must be submitted through MyUNIverse] and submit by the deadline found on the Office of Registrar's website.  If you do not graduate the semester you applied, you must reapply for the next semester. There is a university fee for each time you apply to graduate.