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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Class Scheduling Hints



  • Meet early in the program with your advisor to carefully plan a workable schedule.
  • After this initial meeting, it is your responsibility to keep in regular contact with your advisor. This contact can often be made by phone or e-mail. You may also contact Dr. Swazo, if you have any questions.

Planning Your Schedule:
Students are surveyed each semester in classes to determine what courses they need to take. The schedule is based on these needs and on the number of clinical sections.

  • Try to follow the suggested sequence that is listed on the Program Planning Sheet. Complete practicum pre-requisite courses as soon possible.
  • You do not have to take prerequisites for courses offered outside the department.
  • You might have to "skip" the suggested classes and take other classes, depending on the classes offered.
  • Schedules are circulated in classes and posted on the listserv as soon as they are finalized.
  • Check which classes will be offered at this time.
  • Advisors will contact students with times they are available to meet for advising. This typically takes the form of block scheduling, and may result in multiple students at a time. Please come prepared with classes you still need to take and an idea of the ones that you would like to take that semester.
  • Once approved by your advisor, you will take your advising sheet to Amy and she will then enter permissions.
  • Once Amy enters permissions, you will be able to register for your classes as normal. 
  • In rare circumstances, you may need to take Readings (290:285) credit. You must clear this with the assigned faculty person prior to registering for the class.

Practicum and Internship:

  • Sign up for this as soon as possible with Dr. Swazo.
  • Enrollment is limited to five students per section, and multiple sections (or at least no more than two) are usually NOT offered because of staff limitations (CACREP requires a 5-1 student/faculty ratio).
  • The Practicum/Internship Informational Packets (available in Departmental office) contain information on this procedure.
  • No more than 6 hours of "C" (C+, C, C-) grades can count toward your program of study. If you get a “C” in Counseling Skills, you must repeat it before you take Counseling Processes (MH) or Counseling Children & Adolescents (SCH). If you get a “C” in either of these courses, you must repeat the course prior to being eligible for practicum.