College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Student Assessment

Student Assessment


Sociology Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Students Can Think and Write Critically using Sociological Theory (program content)

  • 1.1 Students can apply sociological theories to explain social phenomena
  • 1.2 Students can critically evaluate explanations of human behavior and social phenomenon

Outcome 2: Students Can Collect, Analyze and Interpret Information (critical thinking)

  • 2.1 Students can apply scientific principles to understand the social world
  • 2.2 Students can evaluate the quality of scientific methods and data

Outcome 3: Students Can Effectively Communicate about What Sociology Is and Why It Matters (communication)

  • 3.1 Students can rigorously analyze social scientific data
  • 3.2 Students can use sociological knowledge to inform public policy debates and promote public understanding


Sociology Undergraduate Student Outcomes Assessment Plan