College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Carissa Froyum

  • Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology, Sociology

    Faculty - Professor of Sociology




    Ph.D. (2007), North Carolina State University

    Courses Taught

    Social Inequality; Social Psychology; Social Theory; Qualitative Data Analysis; Teaching Development; Introduction to Sociology

    Research Interests

    Social Inequality, Social Psychology, Emotions, Volunteerism, Theory, Qualitative Methods


    VP United Faculty

    Co-chair, Faculty Evaluation Committee

    Member, Faculty Handbook Committee

    Selected Publications

    Froyum, Carissa. 2018. “’They’re Just Like You and Me’: Cultivating Volunteer Sympathy.” Symbolic Interaction. 41(1): 465-487.

    Risman, Barbara, Carissa M. Froyum, and William Scarborough, editors. 2018. The Handbook on the Sociology of Gender. 2nd edition. Springer. 

    2018. Cahill, Spencer, Kent Sandstrom, and Carissa Froyum, editors. 2018. Inside Social Life: Readings in Sociological Psychology and Microsociology. Eighth Edition. New York: Oxford University Press. 

    McTague, Tricia, Carissa Froyum and Barbara Risman. 2017. "Learning about inequality from kids: Interviewing strategies for getting beneath equality rhetoric.” Sociological Studies of Children and Youth: Researching Children and Youth: Methodological Issues, Strategies, and Innovations. 22: 277-301.Froyum, Carissa, Katrina Bloch, and Tiffany Taylor, Editors. 2016. Creating and Contesting Social Inequalities: Contemporary Readings. New York: Oxford University Press.

    Froyum, Carissa M. 2015. Invited book review of Manhood Acts by Michael Schwalbe. International Review of Modern Sociology.

    Cahill, Spencer, Kent Sandstrom and Carissa Froyum, Editors. 2014. Inside Social Life: Readings in Sociological Psychology and Microsociology. Seventh Edition. New York: Oxford University Press.

    Froyum, Carissa M. 2013. “Dealing with Emotions in the Classroom.” in Teaching Race in Contemporary America, edited by Kristin Haltinner, Ronald Aminzade, and David N. Pellow. Springer.

    Froyum, Carissa M. 2012. “Leaving the Street Alone: Contesting Street Manhood as a Gender Project.” Journal of Gender Studies 22(1): 38-53.

    Froyum, Carissa M. 2012. “‘For the Betterment of Kids Who Look Like Me’: Professional Emotional Labour as a Racial Project.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 36(6): 1070-1089.

    Froyum, Carissa M. and Marybeth Stalp. 2012. “Introduction to Special Issue: Constructing a Color Line in the Twenty-First Century.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. 4(1):3-6.

    Froyum, Carissa M. 2011. Invited book review of Growing Up in America: The Power of Race in the Lives of Teens. Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews 40: 292-294.

    Froyum, Carissa M. 2010. “The Reproduction of Inequalities through Emotional Capital:  The Case of Socializing Low-Income Black Girls.” Qualitative Sociology 3(1):37-54.

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    Froyum, Carissa M. 2007. “Teaching Portfolio.” Teaching Portfolios Within the Discipline edited by Daniel G. Renfrow. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Pp. 165-180.


    Faculty Service Award, CSBS 2019

    United Faculty Emerging Leader Award, 2016

    Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Liberal Arts Core, 2016

    University Book and Supply Outstanding Teaching Award recipient, 2011

    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award for Untenured Faculty, 2011-2