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Sociology Faculty



Lazarus Adua

Assistant Professor of Sociology
(319) 273 6329 Bartlett 1123 
Ph.D. (2009), The Ohio State University.  
Human Dimensions of Energy, Climate Change and Resource Utilization; Local Governance; Research Methods and Survey methodology; and Applied Research (Evaluation Research)

Curriculum Vitae

Harry BrodHarry Brod       

Professor of Sociology and Humanities
(319) 273-2693 Bartlett 1117 
Ph.D. (1981), University of California-San Diego.
Gender Studies, Jewish Studies, social and political theory, humanities, modern European thought, critical studies of masculinities, whitenesses and heterosexualities


Curriculum Vitae

Carissa FroyumCarissa Froyum

Associate Professor of Sociology
(319) 273-6294 Bartlett 1115
Ph.D. (2007), North Carolina State University.
Social Inequality (Race, Class, Gender), Sexuality, Sociology of Families, Feminist Theory, Qualitative Methods

 Dr. Kristin MackKristin Mack

Professor of Sociology
(319) 273-7630 Bartlett 2118
Ph.D. (1995), Iowa State University.
Family and Life Course, Research Methods, Social Gerontology 

Marybeth StalpMarybeth Stalp

Professor of Sociology and Department Head
(319) 273-2786 Bartlett 1126a
Ph.D. (2001), The University of Georgia.
Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Leisure, Qualitative Methods


Curriculum Vitae

Emeritus Sociology Faculty

Gene Lutz

Gene Lutz

Emeritus Professor
Ph.D. (1971) Iowa State University 
Research Methods/Statistics, Public Health, Public Opinion, Evaluation 

Phyllis Baker

Professor of Sociology 
(319) 273-2786 Bartlett 1126A 
Ph.D. (1988), University of California-San Diego.
Gender, Qualitative Methods, Sports, Immigration