College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty Profiles

Sociology Faculty

FroyumCarissa Froyum

Professor of Sociology
(319) 273-6294 | Bartlett 1115
Ph.D. (2007), North Carolina State University.
Social Inequality, Social Psychology, Emotions, Volunteerism, Theory, Qualitative Methods

Ashleigh Kysar-MoonAshleigh Kysar-Moon

Assistant Professor of Sociology
(319) 273-3932 | Bartlett 1117
​Ph.D. (2017), Purdue University
Childhood Adversity; Trauma; Mental Health Disparities (Race, Ethnicity, Social Class, & Gender)

Marybeth StalpMarybeth Stalp

Professor of Sociology
(319) 273-2786 | Bartlett 1126a
Ph.D. (2001), The University of Georgia.
Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Leisure, Qualitative Methods

Website: | Curriculum Vitae

WarrenKamryn Warren

Assistant Professor of Sociology
(319) 273-2786 | Bartlett 1123
Ph.D. (2018), University of Connecticut.
Forced Migration, Human Rights, Peace War & Social Conflict, Transnational and Global Sociology, Qualitative Methods

Emeritus Sociology Faculty

Gene Lutz

Gene Lutz

Emeritus Professor 
Ph.D. (1971) Iowa State University 
Research Methods/Statistics, Public Health, Public Opinion, Evaluation 


Phyllis BakerBaker

Emeritus Professor 
Ph.D. (1988), University of California-San Diego.
Gender, Qualitative Methods, Sports, Immigration

Harry Brod

Harry Brod

​(deceased, 1951-2017, posthumously awarded)    

Emeritus Professor 
Ph.D. (1981), University of California-San Diego.
Gender Studies, Jewish Studies, social and political theory, humanities, modern European thought, critical studies of masculinities, whitenesses and heterosexualities