College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Certificate Program


Notes: All courses 3 credit hours unless otherwise marked. To declare a certificate in sociology, visit or contact the sociology office (BAK 356). Completed certificates appear on student's transcript.

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REQUIRED COURSES FOR ALL CERTIFICATES:                                              

SOC 1000

Introduction to Sociology (980:001)
SOC 2010 Research Methods (Prerequisite: SOC 1000) (980:108)


*Students are advised to take Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1000) and Research Methods (SOC 2010) before taking any of the courses listed below.


Certificate in Sociology of Inequality

Choose three courses* – 9 hours

SOC 2040 Social Movements (980:156g)
SOC 3045/5045 Social Inequality (980:135g)
SOC 3050/5050 Men and Masculinities (980:129g)
SOC 3080/5080 Immigration and Transnationalism (980:120g) (also ANTH 3080/5080)
SOC 4071/5071 Feminist Theories in the Social Sciences (980:171g)
CRIM 3151 Crime and Social Inequality (982:151) (Prerequisites: SOC 1000; CRIM 2022; junior)


Certificate in Sociology of Race/Ethnicity and Immigration

Choose three courses* – 9 hours

SOC 2040 Social Movements (980; 156g)
SOC 2075 Social Psychology (980:100g)
SOC 3037/5037 Race, Ethnicity, and Social Justice (980:045g) 
SOC 3060/5060 Sociology of Culture (980:138g)
SOC 3080/5080 Immigration and Transnationalism (also ANTH 3080/5080) (980:120g)
SOC 3411/5411 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (also ANTH 3411/5411; PSYCH 4608/5608) (980:167g)


Certificate in Sociology of Gender and Culture

Choose three courses* – 9 hours

SOC 2075 Social Psychology (980:100g)
SOC 3001 Language and Culture (also ANTH 3001; PSYCH 3602) (980:177)
SOC 3050/5050 Men and Masculinities (980:129g)
SOC 3060/5060 Sociology of Culture (980:138g)
SOC 3102/5102 Culture, Disease, and Healing (also ANTH 3102/5102) (980:168g)
SOC 3411/5411 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (also ANTH 3411/5411; PSYCH 4608/5608) (980:167g)
SOC 4050 Sociology of Gender (980:101)
CRIM 4331/5331 Women, Crime, and Society (982:131g) (Prerequisites: SOC 1000; SOC 2010; junior


Certificate in Sociology of Family and Life Course

Choose three courses* – 9 hours

SOC 2030 Sociology of Families (980; 105g)
SOC 3035/5035 Social Gerontology (980:125g)
SOC 4050 Sociology of Gender (980:101)
ANTH/RELS 3103 Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft (990:161) 
CRIM 2127** Juvenile Delinquency (982:127)
RELS 3110 Perspectives on Death and Dying (also PHIL 3110) (640:194)


Total Hours for each Sociology Certificate:     15 hours

*Note: Students may not count any course toward more than two certificates.

**CRIM 2127 has a prerequisite of CRIM 2025.