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The Sociology program at the University of Northern Iowa is committed to the principles of a liberal arts education.  As faculty serving the program, we are dedicated to teaching excellence grounded in active research agendas and involvement in community or professional service.  Our mission as instructors is to provide our students with educational experiences and intellectual skills that will enable them to understand how their everyday lives and actions are influenced by broader social structures, contexts, and processes.  In this process, we encourage students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature and applications of sociological theory and methods. We also promote a learning environment where students are taught to value cultural diversity and pluralism and to engage in critical analysis of structures of power and inequality.

As scholars, we seek to be active contributors to sociological knowledge and to enhance sociological understanding of a range of social, political, and historical issues, both locally and globally. We also seek to engage in interdisciplinary research endeavors and to foster student involvement in scholarship through collaboration and mentoring.

Beyond the classroom and the academy, we strive to raise social and political awareness, to encourage active civic engagement, and to offer expertise to a range of local, national, and transnational organizations.

Our main research areas revolve around the following topics:

  • Inequality
  • Race/Ethnicity and Immigration
  • Gender, Culture and Identity
  • Family and the Life Course

We also offer a series of advanced methodology training courses as part of our Professional Development Electives, which prepare students for the data-driven work world in which they will enter as new employees. In addition to a Sociology Internship, these courses include:

  • Qualitative Research

  • Quantitative Research

  • Program and Policy Evaluation



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Featured Stories
Sociology Club

UNI Sociology Alum, Sarah Brandt, speaks to the Sociology Club in spring 2016 about how she uses sociology everyday in her life as a lawyer.

Research Presentations

Sociology majors regularly work with faculty to conduct original research, and present their findings at state and regional conferences. 

Graduation 2016

SAC majors posing at graduation, knowing they'll soon be enjoying the employed life! Happy Summer!