Allison Fleming

Allison Fleming
Major/Job Title:
Legal Assistant at Beecher, Field, Walker, Morris, Hoffman & Johnson, P.C.

Allison Fleming

BA in Criminology, 2017

Could you tell us a little bit about what you do in your current position?
My current title and position is a Legal Assistant. I have worked as a Legal Assistant for over a year now. I currently work at Beecher, Field, Walker, Morris, Hoffman & Johnson, P.C. for Attorney Kevin Ahrenholz specializing in bankruptcy. I began working at Beecher Law Firm in October of this year. Prior to coming to Beecher Law Firm, I worked as a Legal Assistant at Roberts, Stevens & Prendergast, PLLC specializing in personal injury, workers compensation, and family law. 

How did UNI’s Criminology program benefit you? In what ways did it help you prepare for or work in your current career plan?
The Criminology Program at UNI benefited me by providing a variety of different classroom atmospheres. Online and discussion-based classes helped me strengthen my ability to communicate effectively through multiple means of communication. This program teaches students to use their education way past a career standpoint. Since there often is not a right or wrong answer, the Criminology Program at UNI teaches students how to think independently rather than what to think.   

What 1.) academic advice and 2.) future career advice would you give to potential freshmen coming to UNI and to our current students?
I would advise current college students to get an internship in their respective field to develop a better feel for the day-to-day job and what all it entails. I would advise potential freshmen coming to UNI to take different types of classes to see which you like best. Some students strive in online classes while others thrive in discussion-based classes. Find what works for you. For future career advice – Know your worth and be proactive!