College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Criminology Major with a Criminal Justice Emphasis

Bachelor of Arts in Criminology with an Emphasis in Criminal Justice


The Criminal Justice emphasis includes the traditional B.A. in criminology with an additional focus on applied criminal justice studies. On top of taking electives in the three traditional groups of classes (Crime and Criminals; Policy, Law, and Justice; and Interdisciplinary and Individual Studies) an additional group of classes is offered that focuses on applied topics in criminal justice such as Criminal Investigation, Report Writing, and Criminal Law and Procedure.

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Important Information:

Total Hours for the Major = 48

Students should take SOC 1000, CRIM 2022 and CRIM 2025 before taking other courses in the major.

Please check your Academic Requirements in your Student Center to determine which criminology major catalog year you need to fulfill.

In order to graduate with a major in Criminology, students must take at least 15 credit hours of CRIM Prefix Upper Division (3000/4000-level) courses at UNI, and must achieve a total major GPA of at least 2.33.