College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Cyndi Dunn

  • Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology, Anthropology

    Emeritus Faculty - Professor Emerita of Anthropology


    Linguistic anthropology, Japan, Language and Culture, Gender, Emotion


    Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin 1996

    Courses Taught

    Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; Japan; Language & Culture, Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Psychological Anthropology.

    Research Interests

    Discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, speech styles and honorifics, language ideology, language socialization across the lifespan, narrative Japan.

    Selected Publications

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel. (2018) Bowing Incorrectly: Aesthetic Labor and Expert Knowledge in Japanese Business Etiquette Training.  In Japanese at Work: Politeness, Power and Personae in Japanese Workplace Discourse, ed. by H.M. Cook and J.S. Shibamoto-Smith, pp. 15-36. Palgrave Macmillan.

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2017) Personal Narratives and Self-Transformation in Postindustrial Societies. Annual Review of Anthropology 46:65-80.  doi: 10.1146/annurev-anthro-102116-041702

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2016)  Creating ‘Bright, Positive’ Selves: Discourses of Self and Emotion in a Japanese Public Speaking Course.  Ethos 44(2):118-132. doi:10.1111/etho.12121.

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2014) "Then I Learned About Positive Thinking”: The Genre Structuring of Narratives of Self-Transformation. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 24(2): 133-150.  doi:10.1111/jola.12045

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2013) Speaking Politely, Kindly, and Beautifully: Ideologies of Politeness in Japanese “Business Manners” Training.  Multilingua 32(2):225-245.  doi:10.1515/multi-2013-0011

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2011) Formal Forms or Verbal Strategies? Politeness Theory and Japanese Business Etiquette Training. Journal of Pragmatics 43(15): 3643-3654.  doi:10.1061/j.pragma.2011.06.003

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2010) Information Structure and Discourse Stance in a Monologic "Public Speaking" Register of Japanese. Journal of Pragmatics 42(7): 1890-1911. doi:10.1016/j.pragma.2009.12.024

    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (2008) "Something Old, Something New": Cultural Bricolage in Japanese Wedding Speeches.  In M. Amano, M. O'Toole, Z. Goevel, S. Shigemi, and W. Song (eds), Identity in Text Interpretation and Everyday Life (Global COE Program International Conference Series No. 3), pp. 75-87.  Nagoya, Japan: Graduate School of Letters, Nagoya University.

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    Dunn, Cynthia Dickel (1999) Reflections on the Future Work of Anthropology and Education: Toward the Study of Communicative Development as a Lifespan Process. Anthropology and Education Quarterly 30(4): 451-54.