College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Anne Woodrick

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology
Faculty - Professor of Anthropology

Research Interests

Religion and community identity, religion and personal identity, rural Latin America, Latino immigration in the US

Selected Publications

2005 Grey, Mark A. and Anne C. Woodrick. Latinos has revitalized our community: Latino migration and Anglo responses in Marshalltown, Iowa. In: New Destinations of Mexican Immigration in the United States: Community Formation, Local Responses and Inter-group Relations.  New York: Russell Sage, pp 133-154.

2002 Grey, Mark A. and Anne C. Woodrick. Unofficial sister cities: Meatpacking labor migration between Villachuato, Mexico and Marshalltown, Iowa. Human Organization 61:364-376.

1997 Woodrick, Anne C. Class, prestige and religious conversion among women in rural Mexico. Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 8:495-511.

1995 Woodrick, Anne C. Mother-daughter conflict and the selection of ritual kin in rural Yucatan. Anthropological Quarterly 68:219-233.


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