College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Organization and Storage

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 2:30pm

When you're working on an archaeological dig, there’s big chance that the dig will be going on outside. While we would love to always be outside in the sun, working hard, there’s always the chance that the weather will disagree with what you want to do. When it starts to storm when we want to work, it’s not wise to start digging. There’s always the chance that the rain will mess up your dig site and/or wash away a portion of the work you did. As a backup plan, there is always other work we can be doing back in our lab when things get rough outside. There’s a lot of organizational work that goes on behind the scenes of excavations like these. Like, way more than what I expected before beginning this class! We went back to the archaeological lab on one of those stormy days and took time to move all of our equipment we may need from there to a room that is closer to our dig site. Mainly, there were newer screens and shovels for us to move over. Doctor Gaff also took time to sharpen some of our trowels and to sharpen the new shovels we had in the lab. For most of the time, I was at our storage room helping some other students organize that room. There were many totes and tubs of materials that we hadn’t used during out excavation. We organized these materials in an order that would make it easier for us to get to the equipment we would need the most. While we were organizing our closet, other students were helping Doctor Gaff back in the lab to organize the tables in the room to make it a usable space. The students helping in the lab also helped to organize some of the collections of artifacts that were left in the room from previous excursions and experiments.