College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Anthropology Major

2019-2020 Anthropology Major Curriculum*

Please locate your degree audit in MyUniverse to determine requirements you need to fulfill, and contact your major advisor with any questions. If you are under an older curriculum and wish to switch to the current curriculum, you may be able to redeclare the major (visit the SAC department office BAR 1126).

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ANTH 1001                Human Origins                                                                       3 hours

ANTH 1002                Introduction to Cultural Anthropology                                     3 hours

ANTH 3001                Language and Culture                                                            3 hours

ANTH 4001/5001       Anthropological Theory                                                           3 hours



STATISTICS:           Choose one of the following course                                             3 hours

SOC 2020                    Statistics for Social Research 

STAT 1772                   Introduction to Statistical Methods 

CULTURAL:            Choose one of the following courses                                          3 hours

ANTH 3101/5101         Psychological Anthropology 

ANTH 3102/5102         Culture, Disease, and Healing

ANTH 3103                  Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft

ANTH 3104/5104         Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective 

PHYSICAL:              Choose one of the following courses                                        3 hours

ANTH 2430                   Bioarchaeology

ANTH 3201                   Physical Anthropology: History and Theory

ANTH 3202/5202          Human Biological Variation  

PRE-HISTORY:       Choose one of the following courses                                         3 hours

ANTH 3302                  Archaeology of the New World

ANTH 3303                  Archaeology of the Old World 

METHODS & RESEARCH:   Choose one of the following courses                       3 hours

ANTH 3420                 Forensic Anthropology

ANTH 3431/5431        Interpreting the Archaeological Record

ANTH 3440/5440        Introduction to Museum Studies

ANTH 3450                 Archaeological Fieldwork

ANTH 4015/5015        Qualitative Research

ANTH 4485                Anthropology Internship



ELECTIVES IN ANTHROPOLOGY (select 2 courses with an ANTH prefix):        6 hours
ELECTIVE IN SOCIOLOGY (select 1 course with a SOC prefix):                            3 hours


                                                                                                                               TOTAL:  36 hours


NOTE: Non-Western courses offered in the LAC that are taught by Anthropology faculty can be counted for elective credit in this program by student request. See your advisor for more information.


*Anthropology Course Catalog Descriptions