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Mission Statement

The faculty of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology are committed to the principles of a liberal arts education. We promote a learning environment where students are taught to value cultural diversity and pluralism and to engage in critical analysis of social structure and processes.

Through our teaching, research, and service, we seek to enhance the intellectual awareness of various aspects of the human condition around the world and throughout history. In both liberal arts and specialized major courses, our goal is to provide students with an understanding of the forces that shape society, culture, criminal behavior, and human biology and the effects these have on our changing social and physical environments.

We strive to raise social and political awareness, to encourage civic engagement, to produce ethical and empathetic global citizens, and to develop stimulating and challenging experiences for students to deepen their understanding of the world in which they live. We are dedicated to teaching excellence grounded in active research agendas and involvement in community and professional service.

Whether students pursue careers in sociology, anthropology, or criminology, our goal is to provide them with the critical and analytical skills necessary for lifelong learning.


Spring 2021 SAC Faculty Schedule

Spring 2021 SAC Schedule of Classes