College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Recently Published Work

BOOKMARKS: Recently Published Work by CSBS Faculty



Kenneth Atkinson recently published “A History of the Hasmonean State: Josephus and Beyond.” (London: Bloomsbury T and T Clark, 2016).

Charles Holcombe “A History of East Asia” is now in it's second edition. 

Wallace Hettle's book “Confederate Homefront: a History in Documents”, will be released by Louisiana State University Press in May, 2017. The paperback edition is available for preorder. 


Kevin B. Smith and Christopher W. Larimer (political science) recently published a third edition of "The Public Policy Theory Primer" (2017). 

Donna R. Hoffman and Christopher W. Larimer (political science) have a forthcoming book chapter on “Iowa’s First Congressional District:  Anomaly or New Normal?“ which will appear in The Road to Congress 2016.

Evan Renfro has an article in Cultural Studies entitled “The ‘affective security curriculum’: breeding JBs through the marriage of the academic and the jingoistic.”

Ramona McNeal is the co-author on two book chapters.  One is “Internet Pharmacy Cybercrime:  State Policy Mitigating Risks 2000-15” (with Mary Schmeida).  The other is “Smartphones and their increased importance in U.S. Presidential Elections” (with Mary Schmeida and Lisa Dotterweich Bryan).

Christopher Larimer (with Rebecca Hannagan and Matthew Hibbing) published “Sex differences, personality, and ideology: a deeper investigation via contexts in a study of local politics” in Politics, Groups, and Identities.

Donna R. Hoffman (with Alison Howard) published a book chapter on “Bush and the Faith-Based Initiative:  Foregoing the Role of Chief Legislator.”


Catherine DeSoto published a paper Speculations on vitamin K, VKORC1 genotype and autism in the November 2016 in the journal Medical Hypothesis.


Lazarus Adua (SAC) just had this article accepted for publication: “The Growth Machine Across the United States: Business Actors’ Influence on Communities’ Economic Development and Limited-Government Austerity Practices” in City & Community.