College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Psychology Graduate Program

The University of Northern Iowa Department of Psychology offers a Master of Arts degree in Psychology designed to provide advanced training in the major applied and basic areas of psychology. The program has a strong empirical orientation, emphasizes competence in research methodology, and requires that each graduate student satisfy a thesis requirement. The program reflects the views of department faculty that such an orientation is essential for the education of sophisticated consumers of psychological research at the master's level and for the preparation of students interested in the pursuit of a doctoral degree.

Graduate's Graduation Ceremony

Students in the MA program may choose one of two emphases:

A complete list of Psychology graduate classes (starting with PSYCH 6001) offered at UNI can be found here. 

Clinical Science:
Combining empirically supported, scientifically based clinical training with a solid foundation in clinical research methodology, this emphasis prepares students for doctoral programs or for jobs at the Masters level operating under appropriate supervision. Clinical practicum and research opportunities allow students to work with child, adolescent and adult clinical populations in a variety of settings. Clinical faculty members are dedicated to research, and actively involve students in ongoing and new areas of study. Students complete a thesis which they defend at the end of their second year.

The Social emphasis is designed for students who are interested in social psychology and would like to complete a master's degree before seeking admission to Ph.D. programs in social psychology or pursuing employment as a research analyst, research associate, or community college teacher. Students in the social emphasis receive a broad education in psychology and especially social psychology. Students complete and present at least two research projects, their first year project and their thesis.