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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab Research

Selected Publications/Manuscripts Under Review:

  • Hitlan, R. T., & Salinas, M. (in preparation). Examining the relations between social exclusion, cortisol, C-reactive protein, and psychological and physical health.

  • Hitlan, R. T., & DeSoto, M. C.  (under review). Social exclusion by similar and dissimilar others: Implications for cortisol fluctuations, psychological distress, and intergroup bias.

  • DeSoto, M. C., Hitlan, R. T., Deol, R., & McAdams, D. (2011). Testosterone fluctuations in young men: The difference between interacting with like and not-like others. Evolutionary Psychology, 8 (2), 173-188).

  • Additional current research includes examining how a) nutritional intake and b) cell phone use relate to various biomarkers related to immunological functioning, inflammatory responses, and DNA damage via oxidative stress. 

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