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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Internship Opportunities

Are you interested in doing an internship?  Do you want it to count toward your psychology degree?  Then consider taking PSYCH 3179 Cooperative Education or PSYCH 2701 Community Service/Experiential Learning.

Here is a list of recent places that our psychology students have worked for a transcript notation or course credit.

Here are the descriptions of the two courses:  

PSYCHOLOGY 3179. Cooperative Education    View course syllabus

For students who wish to apply classroom learning to field experience. Co-op/Internship staff will assist in developing placements and arranging student interviews with employers and maintain contact with student and employer during the co-op/internship experiences. Requires approval by the faculty supervisor, the head of the academic department granting credit, and Cooperative Education/Internship staff for placement agreement, project, and credit arrangements. Required Work hours per credit: 50. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 hours credit. Prerequisite: PSYCH 1001 (400:001), consent of instructor. Additional coursework in Psychology recommended.  GPA: 2.5.  Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Contact Carolyn Hildebrandt or 319-273-7179 for information about internship sites and faculty supervisors. Then contact Isabela Varela or 319-273-6857 in Career Services to sign up for the course. For registration forms, see

Notes: May be repeated once for a maximum of 6 hours or 2 semesters in a single position. The semester paper must relate the cooperative education experience to a specific psychological theory or concepts, based on assigned readings or appropriate psychological references. Registering for a second semester of Cooperative Education in Psychology requires negotiation of an appropriate second semester project with the faculty supervisor.

No more than 6 hours of PSYCH 3179, PSYCH 4704, PSYCH 4705, or PSYCH 4198 can be applied toward the Psychology major. Additional credits may be counted as university electives.

PSYCHOLOGY 2701. Community Service/Experiential Learning

Students explore potential career options via volunteer opportunities at an approved location from 3-9 hours per week, after completing training required by the specific agency. Serves as a valuable hands-on learning experience. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: PSYCH 1001; consent of instructor. Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Contact Carolyn Hildebrandt or 319-273-7179 for information about volunteer sites and faculty supervisors.