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Industrial-Organizational Psychology: An Introductory Module


Industrial-Organizational Psychology: An Introductory Module



This site contains a link to a 39 minute video presentation introducing industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. Topics include person-environment fit, employee selection, motivation, and job satisfaction. The module includes supporting materials, such as discussion questions, exercises, and a test bank.



The presentation and supporting materials are appropriate for high school and college students enrolled in an introductory psychology course.


Technical Information

The 39 minute video is streaming and is viewable with or without flash. It is recommended that you try to stream the video on the computer you will be using for class prior to the class session to ensure that it plays properly. 


Title slide of presentation.  

Report Use of Module (required of instructor)

Streaming Presentation

Powerpoint Slides

Discussion Questions


Test Bank

Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology

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