College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Summer Research in Taiwan!

Join UNI Biology and Psychology students in an exciting study abroad opportunity this summer at National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan!


Around June 30, 2013 UNI students will travel to NCCU and stay for 6 weeks. Program costs, including UNI tuition and fees for credits, airfare, room and board, in-country transportation, cultural activities and personal expenses will be approximately $5000-$6000. A faculty member from the UNI Department of Biology or Department of Psychology will travel with the UNI students and stay for one week to get the students settled in the research labs and their accomodations, make sure everything is running smoothly, and to meet with faculty and students at NCCU. During the 4 weeks, UNI students will be involved in neuroscience or psychology research (3 credits). Participation in this research will help to greatly reduce the cost to the UNI students. UNI students will also take a course in Chinese Language (3 credits).  In total, students will receive 6 UNI credits for their participation in this program.


Dinner with Professors

Laboratory Study
Applications are still being accepted. For further information, contact:

Dr. Helen Harton

(319) 273-2235

and visit: