College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jiuqing Cheng

  • Psychology

    Faculty - Assistant Professor of Psychology


    Cognitive Psychology


    Ph.D. Ohio University

    Courses Taught

    Cognitive Psychology

    Research Interests

    Judgment and decision making; Behavioral economics; Consumer psychology; Cognitive ability/personality and Decision making

    Selected Publications

    Cheng, J., & González-Vallejo, C. (2017). Action Dynamics in Intertemporal Choice  Reveal Different Facets of psychology states. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. 30(1), 107-122.

    Jia, M., Cheng, J., & Hale, C (2017). Workplace Emotion and Communication:  Supervisor Nonverbal Immediacy, Employee’s Emotional Experience, and Their Communication Motives. Management Communication Quarterly. 31(1), 69-87.

    Cheng, J., & González -Vallejo, C. (2016). Attribute-wise Mechanism vs Alternative-wise Mechanism in Intertemporal Choice: Testing the Proportional Difference Model, Trade-off Model and Hyperbolic Model. Decision. 3(3), 190-215.

    Zhao, J.L., Cheng, J., Harris, M., & Vigo, R. (2015). Anxiety and intertemporal decision making: The impacts of the behavioral inhibition system and the interactions of trait anxiety, state anxiety, and socioeconomic status. Personality and Individual Differences. 87, 236-241.

    Cheng, J., & González -Vallejo, C. (2014). Hyperbolic Discounting: Value and Time Processes of Substance Abusers and Non-Clinical Individuals in Intertemporal Choice. Plos One, 9(11), e111378.

    González-Vallejo, C., Cheng, J., Phillips, N., Chimeli, J., Bellezza, F., Harman, J., Lassiter, G., & Lindberg, M. (2014). Early Positive Information Impacts Final Evaluations: No Deliberation-Without-Attention Effect and a Test of a Dynamic Judgment Model. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 27, 209-225.

    Cheng, J., Lu, H., Han, X., González -Vallejo, C., & Sui, N. (2012). Temporal Discounting in Heroin-dependent Patients: No Sign Effect, Weaker Magnitude Effect, and the Relationship with Inhibitory Control. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 20 (5), 400 - 409.