College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

M. Catherine DeSoto

Department of Psychology
Faculty - Professor of Psychology


Biological Psychology


Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia

Research Interests

Estrogen on both normal behavior and the expression of psychopathology.

Measurement of hormone levels via radioimmunoassay and how this relates to various behaviors.

Toxins and Neurodevelopment

Selected Publications

DeSoto, M.C.& Hitlan, R.T. (2010). Sorting out the spinning of autism: heavy metals and the question of incidence. Acta Neurobiologica Experimentalis, 70 (2). 165-76.   full text available

DeSoto, M.C. (2009). Ockham's Razor and Autism: The case for developmental neurotoxins contributing to a disease of neurodevelopment. Neurotoxicology, 30 (3). 331-337.  

DeSoto, M.C., Hitlan, R.T. Deol, R.S. & McAdams, D. (2009). Testosterone fluctuations in young men: The difference between interacting in like and not-like others. Evolutionary Psychology, 8(2), 173-188.

DeSoto, M.C. (2008). A reply to Soden: Your data shows autistic children have higher levels of heavy metals. Clinical Toxicology. 46 (10). 1098. 

DeSoto, M.C. & Hitlan, R.T. (2007). Blood levels of mercury are related to diagnosis of autism: A reanalysis of an important data set. Journal of Child Neurology, 22 (11), 1308-1311.

DeSoto, M.C. (2007). Borderline Personality Disorder, gender and serotonin: Does estrogen play a role? In Martina Czerbskas (Ed.) Psychoneuroendocrinology Research Frontiers. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.: Hauppauge, NY. a

DeSoto. M.C., Bumgardner, J., Close, A., & Geary D.C. (2007) Investigating the role of hormones in Theory of Mind. North American Journal of Psychology, 9 (3).

Sheldon, M., Cooper, M. L., Geary, D., DeSoto, M.C. & Hoard, M. K. (2006). Fertility Cycle Patterns in Motives for Sexual Behavior. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 32 (12), 1659-1673. 

Geary, D. C., Hoard, M. K., Craven, J.B & DeSoto, M.C. (2004). Strategy choices in simple and complex addition: Contributions of working memory and counting knowledge for children with mathematical disability. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 88 (2), 121-151.

DeSoto, M.C. & Buelow-Kopp, K.  (2003). Evolutionary theory, waist-to-hip ratio and predicting female attractiveness. Psychology, Evolution and Gender, 5, 83-88.

DeSoto, M.C. Geary, D.C.,  Hoard, M.K., Sheldon, M. & Cooper, M. L. (2003). Estrogen variation, oral contraceptives and borderline personality. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 28. 751-766.

Geary, D.C., DeSoto, M.C., Hoard, M.K., Sheldon, M. & Cooper, L (2002). Estrogens  and relationship jealousy.  Human Nature , 12, 299-320.

DeSoto, M.C., Fabiani, M., Geary, D., & Gratton, G. (2001) When in doubt do it both ways: Brain evidence of simultaneous activation of conflicting motor responses in a spatial Stroop task. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 


Courses Taught


Introduction to Psychology


Bartlett 2062