College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Kimberly MacLin

Department of Psychology
Faculty - Professor of Psychology


Psychology and Law


Ph.D. University of Nevada-Reno

Research Interests

Criminal Stereotypes

Eyewitness Memory

Racial Categorization


Faculty Senate (2012-2015); LAC Category 5 Committee (2011-2013); CSBS Community Engagement Committee (2011-2012); Member, School Improvement Advisory Committee, Waterloo Community School District (2011-2013); Reviewer, National Science Foundation; Diversity Trainer, Department of Correctional Services, Waterloo, IA; Expert Witness Consultation

Selected Publications

View and download my publications at ResearchGate 

MacLin, M. K. (2016). Introduction to Psychology. Great River Learning.

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Courses Taught

Psychology & Law

Motivation & Emotion

Careers in Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Special Topics Seminars (e.g., Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination; Psychology and the Media; Wrongful Convictions: Psychological Perspectives; Forensic Science)


Bartlett 2066