College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Certificate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

All courses are 3 hours each

Required courses:  6 hours
PSYCH 3304/5304
Organizational Psychology
PSYCH 3305/5305
Industrial Psychology
Elective courses:  9 hours (Select three of the following)


PSYCH 2203
Social Psychology
PSYCH 2301
PSYCH 3179
Applied Psychology
Cooperative Education
PSYCH 3303/5303
Health Psychology
PSYCH 3502/5502
Motivation and Emotion
PSYCH 4606/5606
Principles of Psychometrics

Communication Studies

COMM 3055
Organizational Communication
COMM 4134/5134
Organizational Cultures and Communication
COMM 4155/5155
Organizational Communication Assessment

Political Science

Current and Emerging Issues in Public Administration
Management of Public Human Resources
POL AMER 4153/5153
Leadership and Management in Public Service
POL AMER 4177/5177
Political Psychology


MGMT 3153
MGMT 3155
Organizational Management
Human Resource Management
MGMT 3905/5905
Employment and Labor Law
MGMT 3965/5965
Organizational Behavior
MGMT 3966/5966
Staffing and Employee Development


Leadership for Effective Schools
Human Resource Administration
Educational Leadership and Systems Change

Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit Leadership

RTNL 2020
Leadership in Leisure, Youth and Human Services
RTNL 3337
Human Resource Development for Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit  Leadership
RTNL 6202
Social Psychology of Leisure
RTNL 6402
Strategic Program Management
RTNL 6412
Management Issues in Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit Leadership


TECH 3196
Industrial Safety
TECH 4187/5187
Applied Industrial Supervision and Management

Total hours: 15


Certificate in Military Psychology

Required courses:  2 hours
MIL SCI 1091
Introduction to the Army and Critical Thinking – 1 hr.
MIL SCI 1092
Introduction to the Professions of Arms – 1 hr.
Elective courses:  12 hours
FAM SERV 3145/5145
Violence in Intimate Relationships – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 2203
Social Psychology – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 2401
Clinical Psychology – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 3303/5303
Health Psychology – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 3304/5304
Organizational Psychology – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 3305/5305
Industrial Psychology – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 3403/5403 Abnormal Psychology – 3 hrs.
PSYCH 4705/5705
Research Experience in Psychology* - 1-3 hrs., may be repeated up to 6 hrs.
SW 3102
Conflict Resolution – 3 hrs.
SW 4171/5171
Addictions Treatment – 3 hrs.

Total Hours: 14

*For PSYCH 4705/5705 to count towards the Military Psychology Certificate, students must develop a research project integrating psychology and military science and present the results at a research conference, ROTC event, or other public venue. Note - to do this the student would have to obtain a faculty advisor to chair the project. Note that PSYCH 3002 is a prerequisite for this course.