College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Admission Requirements

            Admission to the master's program is competitive, and successful applicants usually meet the following criteria:

  • A bachelor's degree in psychology; if a student does not have an undergraduate psychology major, 15-21 hours of undergraduate coursework as prescribed by the graduate coordinator may be substituted with the approval of the Graduate Admissions Committee.
  • An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or above; students with otherwise strong credentials who do not meet the 3.00 GPA requirement may, at the discretion of the Graduate Admissions Committee, be admitted to the program with provisional status.
  • GRE scores of 150 or above on Verbal and Quantitative portions of GRE are preferred, but applicants with lower scores whose applications are otherwise strong will be considered.
  • Successful international students typically have scores of 100 or more on the internet-based TOEFL test.