Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior (normal and abnormal) and the cognitive, emotional, social, and biological processes related to that behavior.

Majoring in psychology can prepare an individual for a number of different roles - teacher, researcher, service provider, administrator, or consultant.

Psychology is a diverse field with room for students with many different interests and abilities. Students graduating with a B.A. in Psychology are required to take a sequence of basic psychology courses including history, methods, and statistics.  

There are also a variety of opportunities for students to engage in independent research, work in community service organizations, collaborate with faculty on research projects, and mentor other students in selected undergraduate courses.


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CSBS Student Research Conference Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christopher Chapp

Assistant Professor of Poltical Science

St. Olaf College

Professor Chapp's  research interests include political communication, campaigns and elections, religion and U.S. politics, and the politics...

22nd Annual UNI CSBS Student Research Conference

Attention Students!

Have you heard about the 22nd Annual University of Northern Iowa CSBS Student Research Conference yet? If not, here is some information that you do not want to miss out on!

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