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What classes should I take?

Despite the existence of pre-law clubs and programs on campuses around the country, there is no such thing as a standard pre-law curriculum. There are, however, certain standards that law schools expect students' undergraduate work to live up to. Law school is extremely demanding, and admissions committees are looking for students who have the skills that are likely to lead to academic success and a law-related career. These skills, some of which are discussed at more length below, are fostered through supplementing UNI's core curriculum with challenging courses throughout a broad range of subjects. Law school admissions committees are more likely to appreciate a well-rounded student who has taken difficult courses to one with excellent grades in unchallenging programs or easy classes.

The American Bar Association's Pre-Law Committee drew up a statement several years ago to sum up its views of the skills that are necessary for a legal career. These are:

  1. Analytic and Problems Solving Skills
  2. Critical Reading Abilities
  3. Writing Skills
  4. Oral Communication and Listening Abilities
  5. General Research Skills
  6. Task Organization and Management Skills
  7. The Values of Serving Others and Promoting Justice

What major will make me most attractive to law school?