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Political Science

What can I do with a degree in Political Science?

As a discipline firmly rooted in the Liberal Arts, political science provides students with the broad critical thinking, analytical and writing skills that are applicable to many different positions in the job market. Most people attracted to a major in political science have an interest in politics, public affairs, and public service. The possible career paths listed below are a sampling of the most common for political science. Specific career choices depend on a student’s interests, skills and such issues as willingness to pursue graduate studies or to relocate geographically. Students should discuss their options with faculty in the department and with Career Services. The department also encourages students to seek out internships in their fields of interest and/or to reach out to practitioners who can provide further insights on possible careers.

Some examples of careers include:

Government Service
International Careers
Education and Teaching
Non-profits and Interest Groups
Parties, Campaigns and Polling

Graduate study in political science


Career Earnings

There are many career options for Political Science graduates. Political Science students are occasionally told they should pursue more "practical" majors. In reality, our students do very well. Compare our graduates' earnings to those from other majors using data collected by the Hamilton Project

B.A. only - no Post-Graduate Degrees

Average salaries for Political Science, Criminology, Psychology and all majors - no post-graduate degree

With Post-Graduate Degrees

Earnings for graduates with post-graduate degrees.

Non-CSBS Majors

Political Science is competitive with more technical fields as well.

Political Science earnings compared to more technical fields