College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Political Science

The Internship Program in Political Science

The internship program is designed to both provide opportunities for students to gain experience, as well as practical knowledge about politics and public administration.  On-the-job experience enables the student to discover perspectives that can augment academic courses in useful ways.

Once a student has decided to do an internship, an appointment needs to be made with the Internship Coordinator.  Intern assignments are made after consultations among the intern, the prospective employer, and the Intern Coordinator.  It is primarily the job of the student to secure an internship, and the Internship Coordinator can be helpful in getting you started.  Although the number and types of intern positions for a given term cannot be determined more than a brief time in advance of each term, some of the intern positions which have been available were with the following organizations:

Congressional Offices 

Iowa State Patrol

Iowa General Assembly

Chambers of Commerce

County Attorney

Economic Development Agencies

Public Defender

Regional Councils of Government

City Government

United Way

Personnel Depts. (Private & Public Sectors)

Human Rights Commission

Attorney General, State of Iowa

Iowa Civil Liberties Union

League of Women Voters

Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation

Hospital Administration

Airport Commissions

Mayor's Office


More about Internship Requirements

Printer-Friendly Requirements and Application (*.docx)