College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Political Science

Careers in Political Science: Law

Political Science has traditionally been the most popular undergraduate major for those thinking of law school and arguably offers the best preparation for becoming an attorney. In addition to a major in political science, students thinking of law school should consider the Politics and Law minor offered by the department and visit our pre-law link to find out about the law school application process and requirements. The legal job market is cyclical and also depends on particular specializations (business, entertainment, immigration, criminal…).  Lawyers in private practice, particularly in large metropolitan areas, continue to enjoy high-end salaries and many opportunities for advancement. In addition, many law school graduates pursue business careers or else seek elected office. Law degrees are required for such careers as corporate, civil or criminal attorney; judge; district attorney; corporate legal counsel;  law professors. In addition, law degrees can be useful in such careers as lobbyist; politician; public interest or consumer advocacy; mediator; inspector general for federal or state agencies.