College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Political Science

Careers in Political Science: Journalism

With the expansion of the internet and social media, the demand for news has increased dramatically over the last decade. Many journalism jobs require a willingness to move and to “stay on the road”. Journalism also is a field that puts an emphasis on apprenticeship, that is, starting in fairly low-level positions with modest salaries and proving yourself before being promoted. A political science major provides good analytical skills as well as knowledge of many of the issues journalists are called to report on. Also important is the ability to write well and to communicate complex ideas in ways that non-experts can understand. For those interested in journalism, the department offers a Political Communications major, one of the few such majors in the country, which combines training in communications with political science. Possible career positions in journalism include: newspaper writer or editor; television reporter or producer; director of corporate public affairs; freelance writer; researcher for an advertising firm; corporate information manager; trade association newsletter editor; webzine reporter; political columnist.