College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Gregory L. Bruess

  • CSBS Office of the Dean

    Administrative Faculty - Associate Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


    Faculty Associate Professor of History


    Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1991

    Research Interests

    Dr. Bruess’s research interests center on the Eastern Orthodox Christian world. He has published works on religion, identity, and empire in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Russia, and the book Religion, Identity, and Empire: A Greek Archbishop in the Russia of Catherine the Great (1997). Currently, he is working on two projects: popular belief and pilgrimage as it is manifested at a miracle-working shrine in southern Greece and the establishment and evolution of a memorial near Meligalas, Greece, dedicated to the victims of a massacre that occurred at the site at the beginning of the Greek Civil War in 1944 and where a highly-politicized commemorative event has been held annually since 1945.

    Teaching Interests

    Professor Bruess teaches the Liberal Arts Core Humanities classes, and courses on Imperial Russia, Twentieth-Century Russia, the Modern Mediterranean, Nineteenth-Century Europe, Twentieth-Century Europe, and Modern European Revolutions and Civil Wars. He regularly teaches summer Study Abroad classes in Greece.

    Professor Bruess has served as the Associate Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences since 2015.