College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Professional Education Requirements


All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts--Teaching Program are required to take the courses in professional education and, in addition, a minimum of one departmental methods course.  In addition, all candidates must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program and earn a minimum of a C- in each class.  Admission procedures are initiated at a required orientation session during Level I of the Professional Education sequence. The sequence is 32-33 hours.

Prior admission to the Teacher Education Program: 

Level I

(Before the Field Experience you must have completed the OSHA training. This is offered during the first two weeks of the each semester)

  • EDPSYCH 2017 Field Experience:  Exploring Teaching (1 hour)
  • EDPSYCH 2030 Dynamics of Human Development (3 hours)


  • SPED 3150 Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners (2 hours) (Pre-requisite EDPSYCH 2030)
  • INSTTECH 1020 Secondary Educational Technology and Design (2 hours)


  • INSTTECH 1031 Technology in Education (3 hours)

 After admission to the Teacher Education Program:

(Before enrolling in TEACHING 4170 , Level II or Level III, the student must be officially admitted to the Teacher Education Program)


  • TEACHING 4170  Human Relations:  Awareness and Applications (3 hours)

Level II

  • EDPSYCH 3128  Field Experience:  Teacher as a Change Agent (1 hour)
  • EDPSYCH 3148  Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts (3 hours)
  • MEASRES 3150  Classroom Assessment (2 hours)

Level III

  • SOCFOUND 3119 Schools and American Society (3 hours)
  • SOC SCI 4190/4191- Teaching of Social Studies with Field Experience (4 hours) This is a major class that should be taken the semester right before student teaching.

Student Teaching

(Complete Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting Seminar before student teaching)

  • TEACHING 4138 Secondary School Teaching (12 hours)

Requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program

  • Be a declared major.
  • Have completed at least 24 hours of credit.
  • Have a total cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  • Complete OSHA training before beginning my first field experience.
  • File a completed Application for Admission to Teacher Education with the office of Director of Teacher Education and retain a copy for myself. (SEC 159)

Application forms available through the Teacher Education program. 

  • Satisfactorily complete College Reading and Research with no less than a "C" (ENGLISH 1005).
  • Satisfactorily complete Oral Communication with no less than a "C" (COMM 1000).
  • Satisfactorily complete a University level Math Couse with no less than a "C".
  • Take PPST and satisfactorily meet the requirements for proficiency
  • You must earn a minimum total of 522 points, with no individual test score less than 170 in the reading, math and writing. If your score is below the stated minimum, you may be required to retake one or more sections of the test. (Packets available in ITTC 007, SEC 189 and SEC 159 or register online at Praxis.)
  •  UNI offers computerized PPST testing on campus. So if you want to take the test immediately you can call 273-6024 or stop in ITTC 007 to schedule a time. The computerized test is $20 more expensive than the mass testing. I would suggest the computerized test for anyone who needs to retake one test or anyone who needs to get into Level II courses for next semester.
  • It is recommended that teacher education majors request a Criminal History background check with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation at least one month prior to the first field experience at UNI. This background check will be valid for all further field experiences in the UNI Teacher Education Program. Procedures may be found at: UNI is not responsible for students who are denied access to agencies requiring proof of a background check prior to working with their children.

All questions concerning admission contact the Director of Teacher Education, SEC 159, 273-2265.

For student teaching, a student MUST have:

  1. gained a certificate in High Risk/Substance Abuse
  2. FULL admission to the teacher education program.
  3. a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher on work at all colleges and universities;
  4. a UNI GPA of 2.50 or higher;
  5. a 2.50 GPA in your academic department or department approval;
  6. a GPA of 2.50 or higher in courses completed in the Professional Educational Program; and
  7. completed all methods courses listed as prerequisites for student teaching with a grade of C (2.00) or higher as well as other departmental requirements. (SOC SCI 4190 and SOC SCI 4191)