College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Spring 2020 CSBS Kudos Newsletter Now Available!

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

CSBS Kudos Spring 2020 CoverThe Spring 2020 semester has brought us unprecedented challenges. We successfully transitioned our courses from a predominantly face-to-face format to a completely distance-learning format immediately after spring break. I have profound admiration for our faculty and departmental staff who made this happen in an incredibly short period of time.

During such an unusual and unsettling time, I find it important to focus on what we know as opposed to what we do not know. I know that we have tremendous faculty and staff who are dedicated to our core mission of delivering excellence in education to our students. I know we have students who are enhancing their potential in life by investing in their knowledge and skills. I know we are an institution that cares enough about people that we refer to them by name and not just by number. It is these “knowns” that help me to remember why we tackle these challenges with such commitment.

One tradition we will miss this spring is joining, in person, with our upcoming retirees to celebrate their careers at our annual spring CSBS meeting. In this edition of Kudos, we have provided biographical sketches of each, and I wanted to note that, between them, there is almost 150 years of exemplary service to CSBS and UNI. Please join me in thanking Joanne Goldman (history), Joe Gorton (criminology), Bob Martin (history), Charlotte Wells (history) and Taifa Yu (political science) for all that they have accomplished.

In these uncertain times, another “known” is that exceptional teaching, strong support and remarkable mentoring of students makes up the core of our mission at UNI to provide students with the best education possible. CSBS excels in these areas because of your efforts. I want to thank each of you for the daily contributions that make CSBS a great success! 

-- Dean Brenda Bass