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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Upcoming Recruiting Events

TC and TK at ROTC tableList of upcoming UNI ROTC recruiting events.  Stop by to learn more about Army ROTC and becoming an Army officer.  

10/20/17 8am-8:45am and 1pm-3pm UNI Open House

10/23/17 Iowa Business Education Association Conference, Urbandale, IA

10/27/17 8am-8:45am and 1pm-3pm UNI Open House for College of Business Administration

11/3/17 8am-8:45am and 1pm-3pm UNI Open House

11/4/17 8am-8:45am and UNI Open House - Multicultural Day

11/5/17 - 11/6/17 Iowa School Counselor's Association conference

11/10/17 8am-8:45am and 1pm-3pm UNI Open House 

11/17/17 8am-8:45am and 1pm-3pm UNI Open House

12/8/17 1pm-3pm Student Orientation