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The public history program here at UNI is designed to introduce students to the various forums in which academically grounded history is practiced in the public sphere. We have one of the oldest undergraduate public history programs in the country; noted women's historian Glenda Riley offered the first courses in 1976. Since then, Joanne Goldman and Trudy Eden have added courses, a graduate program, and a variety of internships to facilitate student training. Now Professor Cheryl Dong will continue their work to grow the Public History Program.

Lacey Wilson, site manager of Charlotte Hawkins Brown MuseumExplore Public History at UNI! Pictured: Lacey Wilson, site manager of Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum, Public History MA, UNC-G. Photo credit: Hunter McRae

The field of public history emphasizes engagement with people and places in the past and the present. The public history program at UNI provides students with interdisciplinary training and a chance to work in a collaborative environment. The public history courses and internships help train students in research methodologies and public practices, providing them with opportunities to engage in doing history and preparing them for employment. The program specializes in museum work, and also includes training in oral history, historic preservation, and spatial and digital history. At the undergraduate level, students can earn a Public History Certificate. At the Master of Arts level, graduate students can earn an emphasis in Public History or take it as a field of study. 

Public History Information and Career Development Session held via zoom on October 12th, 2020. Let us know if you want to be a part of future discussion sessions in Fall 2021.










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