College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Donald E. Shepardson

  • History

    In Memoriam - Professor of History


    Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1970

    Research Interests

    Professor Shepardson’s research interests focused on Modern European, Modern Diplomatic, and Modern Military History. His publications include: Rosa Luxemburg and the Noble Dream (1996); Conflict and Diplomacy from the Great War to the Cold War (1999); and journal articles such as “A Faraway Country: Munich Reconsidered,” The Midwest Quarterly (Autumn, 2006).

    Teaching Interests

    Dr. Shepardson taught courses on Modern Diplomatic History, Military History, and the Humanities. He was a recipient of the Iowa Regent’s Award for Faculty Excellence, and the UNI College of Social and Behavioral Science Outstanding Teaching Award.