College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Charlotte C. Wells

  • History

    Emeritus Faculty - Associate Professor of History


    Ph.D., Indiana University, 1993

    Research Interests

    Dr. Wells researched the development of a sense of national identity in early modern France, and has published a book and several articles on topics related to this theme. Her most recent research focused on the conflict between religion and national identity in seventeenth-century Maryland and Quebec.

    Teaching Interests

    Professor Wells taught a variety of courses on the history of early modern Europe, including Renaissance and Reformation Europe, The Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment, Witches and the Witch Craze in Europe and America, and Women in Early Modern Europe, in addition to Humanities I and II.

    Dr. Wells retired at the end of Spring 2020. She hopes the extra time will allow her to finally plan a way to keep the squirrels away from her bird feeders! Dr. Wells enjoys cooking, gardening and reading.