Louis E. Fenech

Professor of History

Louis E. Fenech

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Louis E. Fenech

Professor of History


Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1995

Teaching Interests

Dr. Louis Fenech teaches insightful classes on India, such as Conflict and Justice in History: Imperialism and Colonialism and Problems and Perspectives in Global History: Salvation: Martyrdom in History; both courses are a part of UNIFI. Professor Fenech designed a Study Abroad course to Malta (HIST 3279), which will allow students to take a deeper dive into non-western history. Professor Fenech also teaches upper-level classes on the History of Modern and Pre-Modern South Asia.

Research Interests

Dr. Fenech’s special expertise lies in the field of Punjabi and Sikh Studies. His publications include six books, the most recent of which is The Cherished Five in Sikh History, coming out in January 2021, which regards a group within Sikh tradition known as the Panj Piare, the first five Sikh disciples who form the nucleus of the Sikh martial community known as the Khalsa. Dr. Fenech shared his work The Sikh Ẓafar-nāmah of Guru Gobind Singh: A Discursive Blade in the Heart of the Mughal Empire (2013) on Episode 18 (The Court of the Tenth Master) of The One Podcast, posted in April 2020.  

Professional Accomplishments

Additional books by Dr. Fenech: The Darbar of the Sikh Gurus: The Court of God in the World of Men and Martyrdom in the Sikh Tradition: Playing the 'Game of Love'. He is also co-editor of both The Historical Dictionary of Sikhism (2014) and The Oxford Handbook of Sikh Studies (2014).