Charles W. Holcombe

Professor of History

Charles Holcombe

Seerley 342

(319) 273-5907

Charles W. Holcombe

Professor of History


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1986

Teaching Interests

Dr. Charles Holcombe teaches Making the Modern World, an exciting introductory course to world history, and the UNIFI course Conflict and Justice in History: Nationalism and National Identity. Professor Holcombe also teaches upper-division courses on Chinese history, divided into pre-1600s and 1600's to the present day.

Research Interests

Professor Holcombe’s research interests focus especially around China’s age of division between the Han and Tang dynasties, and the formation of an East Asian cultural community. He is the author of three books, including A History of East Asia: From the Origins of Civilization to the Twenty-First Century, which is now in a second edition, and has been translated into both Spanish and Turkish, and The Genesis of East Asia, 221 B.C. to 907 A.D. .

Professional Accomplishments

Professor Holcombe is a recipient of the Iowa Regent’s Award for Faculty Excellence.