College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

March 13th, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020 - 8:15am

Dear UNI HIST students,

I wanted to touch base with you all to provide some info and updates about how we can meet the challenges of the next phase of the semester. I know this is an unsettling situation for all of us – please make taking care of yourself and your health a priority, especially during this next week (it’s called Spring Break for a reason!). We have created a new link on our department webpage, “Spring 2020 Updates,” for the latest news as updates become available about department courses, events, students organization activities, etc. Find the link here:

*Please know that all HIST faculty and staff are working hard to ensure a successful transition to remote learning. Some professors will delivering content in Blackboard, some by email, some by additional technologies; please check your UNI email regularly for information about communication methods. Even if you’re not in the habit of using your UNI email, make it a point to log in daily. Don’t hesitate to email your professors for clarification and assistance.  

*Advising and registration: The scheduled Fall 2020 registration period falls during our hiatus from face-to-face instruction; the University will have messaging about how to proceed, so don’t worry about registration for next semester just yet. The Fall 2020 Schedule of Courses has been released this week, so you can now view and search courses online. If you didn’t have the chance to speak with your academic advisor before Spring Break, please do reach out via email for some guidance, so that you’re prepared for registration when the time comes. (If you don’t know/have forgotten who your advisor is, Cori can help, so don’t hesitate to email her!)

*Librarian extraordinaire Chris Neuhaus has volunteered to assist HIST students with library needs, especially if you’re working remotely. You can email him at to set up an appointment at Rod or to consult via email. He also worked with a few faculty members to create Library Guides for Spring 2020 courses; the links are here:

HISEU 4320 - 5320 - History of Ancient Rome​

HIST 1010 - Introduction to the Study of History

HIST 1011 - Field Experience - Digital Archives and Online Primary Sources​

HIST 6030 - Witchcraft in Colonial America​

HISUS 4150 / 5150 - Foundations of Modern America - The United States 1877 – 1929​

*Cori and I will be staffing the office throughout the interim, so call or email with any questions or concerns. We’re waiting and eager to help as needed!

Take the next week to enjoy some time with family and friends, and then we’ll “see” you on March 23 as we move into the next section of the spring 2020 semester.


Dr. McNabb

We will be adding content and providing updates continuously. Email questions and suggestions to

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