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Accelerated Master of Arts in History


This Department of History also includes an accelerated version of the two-year M.A. degree program in history. It is available only to UNI undergraduate history majors and allows such students to complete the M.A. degree one year after receiving their B.A. degree. It is a two-phase program, with a preparatory phase and a graduate phase. Upon declaration of an undergraduate major in history, any UNI student may apply to the department for entry into the preparatory phase of the Accelerated M.A. program. The graduate phase of the program begins after the student receives the B.A. degree and is admitted into the graduate program in history.


To be considered for admission into this accelerated program, students must have a UNI cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or above and must apply for entry into the program by the end of their junior year by completing an application for admission to graduate study, which can be found at

In order to complete the M.A. in one additional year after the B.A., undergraduate students who are admitted to the preparatory phase of the program will need to enroll in 6 hours of graduate work each semester of their senior year, as provided for in this University Catalog. (See policies and procedures for Graduate Credit as a Senior.) Graduate work completed in this program will be counted as graduate credit on the student’s transcript and will not be counted toward the undergraduate degree. No more than 12 credits of graduate credit may be taken before the B.A. is awarded.


Undergraduate students in the preparatory phase may take no more than a combined total (including undergraduate and graduate courses) of 12 hours in a semester or 6 hours in a summer session.

After completion of the preparatory phase of the program, the student will be considered for admission to the graduate portion of the Accelerated M.A. program. Actual admission to graduate study and classification as a graduate student commences the term after the student has completed the B.A. All other degree requirements for the regular history M.A. program also apply to the Accelerated M.A. program.